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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying:
"It's the only form of advertising that we do and our customers absolutely love it"

Mark Wainright, The Turks Head
"I can honestly say I would have no hesitation in recommending the Digi Retention to any restaurant or food pub that wants to build a loyal customer base."
Debbie Long, The Hourglass
"It has seriously disciplined our marketing and follow-up efforts with customers. 
Gary Swan, The Cricketers Inn
Ross Murphy
"It's An App World"
I’ve been involved in client retention programmes and services for almost 10 years, in multiple industries. In that time, my team and I have helped 100s of clients to save/make a combined millions of revenue utilising breakthrough, innovative and cutting edge 21st century technology, together with good old fashioned sincerity and warm customer conversations. 
With intense competition everywhere, the business that wins is the business that retains the most customers by truly servicing those customers with personal, ongoing communications, irresistibly created offers and timely news they can benefit from. 
And the truth is, it’s not the customer who has to remember to come in or create the conversation; it’s up to us, you and me, the pub and restaurant, to keep in regular and continual touch with our customers. 
Without doubt, I’ve found there is incredible power and positioning when strategic retention communications are systematised, timely and sincere in their messaging. That’s what the Digi App programme can do for you also. 
This is the foundational structure to create lifelong, valued customers. 

If you’re a pub or restaurant owner, Franchise Owner or run an Independent Business, you obviously know how tough a job it is; you know how challenging and competitive the market place is. 

It’s one mighty challenge to stand out and be the preferred choice of your target market. 
Not forgetting to mention the internal distractions you have to deal with on a daily basis – interruptions, unwanted phone calls, all manner of requests and messages swooping down on you via emails, your smart phones and iPads - running a profitable pub or restaurant business whilst keeping a track of everything can be downright hellish. 
Likewise, your customers have the same constant interruptions and distractions going on in their lives and as such, they’re inundated with competing offers and invitations for their custom and it’s very easy for them to be lured and chased by a competing pub and restaurant. 
However, this external chasing of your customers by others can be put to an abrupt halt by ensuring all your existing customers and potential customers are communicated to regularly, and that too, with the kind of information and communication they’ll actually look forward to receiving! 
Though, without a specific, tailored follow up process and communication system in place, you will not enjoy the future loyalty and the long term income customers can bring you. 
Everyone connected to your business should be taught about the principles in this publication. Once they are, you’ll see a dramatic increase in productivity, in activity, in profits and in happiness. 
If you follow the proven ideas and strategies laid out in this publication, you can’t help but ensure that your pub or restaurant will be even more profitable and, will definitely give you that unfair advantage over your rivals and competitors.
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